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Thread: 1987 Fiero GT 4-Sale

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    1987 Fiero GT 4-Sale

    Now for Sale 1987 GT 4-sale

    It would make a wonderful kitcar or driver until your ready to do your kit. 87 GT auto. Great int. runs fast! Westcoast headers, flowmaster muffler, stainless cat, stainless strut brace, many mods or upgrades. *I will sell with body panels off if desired! I*also have a Getrag 5-speed trani from a 87 GT that I would sell with this GT if you wanted a 5-speed car. *If your interested, please check it out on the link below. If you need parts,*Please feel free to contact me anytime, I look forward to hearing from you....

    Thanks for the space FD

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    I have a Getrag 5 speed transaxle that will fit a Fiero. Please email me for details.
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