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  1. what kind of part is this electronic interface transmission control? where do I find it? how much does it cost?
  2. any auto / simi-manual gearbox will require a computer to make work
  3. and besides that, in this engines comes out driveshaft for rear wheel drive?
  4. So,this means that will be like the LaFerrari's transmission? (the dual-clutch automatic transmission with manual padle shifting mode?)
  5. yes, but you will need to have an electronic interface to control the transmission, where you wouldnt have that concern with a manual trans
  6. and in this case the car could become automatic and switched also to padle-shift drive?
  7. Yes, Cima made the gearbox, but the bolt pattern is unique to that particular trans, but it isnt an automatic, its manual and very expensive.

    I would adapt a graziano gearbox or porsche if you were going to build the v12
  8. Hello Andrian, I saw the discussion you were having on Lamboclone about the Mercedes S600 V12 6.0 '95-'00 engine, as the closest option of engine that sounds most of all like Lambo... and you were saying with Tusabes that fits with the Cima automatic transmission... Am I right? So in this case, which year cima transmission fits with this Mercedes engine? (beacuse there are many editions of cima....) thank you very much, waiting your replay.
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