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  1. Man, I gave my whole set of tie rod ends to the guy that bought my 85. I did get the whole set fairly cheap off of ebay. I'm debating selling my set of Monroe shocks or keep for my next project. I shipped the springs today, # 9405 5096 9993 8135 5393 27 Thanks Again.
  2. Do you have any other part needs?
  3. Thanks by the way!!!
  4. Money sent let me know when you get it!
  5. My address is 4112 SE 24th St. Des Moines IA 50320!
  6. $110 as a Paypal goods and services and it's a deal!
  7. Would you be willing to ship them to Des Moines Iowa 50320 for $100 total? If so I'll send you the cash now!
  8. Hey Buddy! Is there a reason you are selling these WCF springs? Are they to stiff, I was contemplating there 350lb springs and heard they were not that great! Please give me your honest opinion on them as you have obviously made the decision to go a different route!

    Much Appreciated
    Cory Schares
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