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  1. Mike shoot me an email to Thanks, matt
  2. Hi Matt,
    I know you are super busy and I hate to burden you with yet another question about "how to get me a vaydor?" But my curiosity won't let me be.

    I have an 07 g35. I love the car, but making it a vaydor is something I simply must do. Issue is, as I'm sure it is for most, money.

    I am not able to pony up the cash for a turn key and I don't have the time to build my own but I had a thought that I considered running past you.

    My car is almost paid off. That said, do you think I could take out a loan on the car to pay for the conversion? I'm thinking I could treat like a car payment as if purchasing a new car and make loan payments but be able to pupurchase a turnkey vaydor.

    If that works, how much would a cometeday vaydor cost? How long would it take to complete and is there any way of working it to retain the rear seat? Loosing the rear seat is not a deal breaker.

    Please reply when able. I appreciate your time and eagerly await your reply.

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