Evening Folks,

As some of you may know this is will the third year my company will be doing a car show in Clinton, MS. The location will be the National Guard armory and the surrounding park area.

We are due to return from Iraq this summer and the show should be in the early fall. Exact dates to be determined. Years past we have had the local Porsche club, Corvette club, hotrodders, bickers all stop by and give support to us. All money rasied will go directly to our Family Readiness Group which assists the loved ones left behind getting problems solved when the spouse is gone on deployment.

Usually I put exoctics and high reange customs inside the armory and other cars sectioned outside on the large green grass yard that surrounds the armory and even across the raod in the city park sometimes. I am going to try to set up a autocross event this year as well for those who like to bring thier car for more go instead of show.

SO....if you have a business that would like to offer up anything that might make a good door prize (hats, shirts, brand new set of OZ rims) Please let me know. And even if you have still the $10 autozone card from christmas that you keep forgetting to spend send it on too. All door prices will be recognized by the contributer. And ANYTHING automobile related will be welcome.

We have very little money to advertise but the local stations are very good about pasing the word around for free.

If anyone knows some trade mags that could put in a line or two please let me know.

This means alot to the troops folks. One of our soldiers is leaving tonight, her dad passed away. The Family Readiness Group is already with her family and will be going to pick her up from the airport. They will ensure she has everything with her she will need for the return trip and will serve as go betweens the company, the family and the funeral home as needed. They do alot when a soldier needs the help.

So think about it guys and let me know what you could do.

If needed I can post the mailing address to the armory; just make sure anything you send is marked Car Show 2010 and put my name as the POC.

As always, questions and comments are welcome.

Thanks for looking.


SSG Michael Branch
114th MP CO
Logistics NCO
Mosul, Iraq