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Thread: SVT-Lightning build?

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    SVT-Lightning build?

    hello all,

    I know this is a little far off from a fiero question, I was thinking of the Ford SVT-Lightning the other day after watching Trucks! on TNN than it just hit me, i know its commen sence but i just came up with the realization after taking the time and realizing it. Basically all you need to do to get a "SVT-Lightning" for about $20,000 instead of paying the $33,000 is to buy any Ford XLT and buy the front, side, and rear facias from Wings West. Does this make any sence? realistically how much cheaper would this cost? like i mean i dont think to make your own lightning even with the handling and the performance aspects will cost about or even more than the original would it?


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    Re:SVT-Lightning build?

    Yes.'s a Ford!

    Whats the point? ???

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