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Thread: Five teslas in a row

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    Five teslas in a row

    What are the odds? I came out of the bicycle shop in a little Idaho town and there were five of them! I took some pics and videos if anyone wants to see them I'll try to see if I can get them up here. Some of them came all the way from Seattle and had to gas up (I mean charge them) in Ellensburg Washington in order to get to Coeur d'alene Idaho. Just for fun as they were getting ready to leave I had to holler out "Gentlemen start your engines" and then they pulled silently away. I tried to talk the one of the owners into running against my turboed ls4 Murci but he wasn't much interested. What awesome cars!!

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    Re: Five teslas in a row

    I was in the little town of Justin, Texas (home of the Justin boots) visiting our doctor when I saw this parked in one of the dirt driveways!
    I had to stop the car and take some photos with my phone and explain to my wife and son what they just had the privilege of seeing! LOL!!
    I don't know if you guys know about Justin, but it's a tiny one horse town with two stop lights. What are the odds????

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