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    For those of you on the east coast be safe and good luck... Irene is no joke....for JFK and the MTA to be closed down for two whole days is def going in the history books..

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    Re: Irene...

    i'm in NJ. thanks for the thought. hopefully not as bad as what news say...
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    Re: Irene...

    Political Over compensation, and fear mongering, No politician wants to be dropping the ball,and besides, the press raises way too much advertising revenue by portraying a 24 hour cycle of total fear. I live in the center of NYC, Drove home from Montreal, got in 2 hours ago.. so far, I mean.. it's raining a lil.. but shut down the MTA../subway?!? REALLY? I mean.. really really? Couldn't they come up with "limited service" as opposed to shutting down the whole kit n caboodle? I'll keep you guy's updated.. I hope I make it thru this..

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    Re: Irene...

    i think Irene skipped nyc.... nothing but drizzle...

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