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Thread: Message Inbox / Sent Box

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    Message Inbox / Sent Box

    Hi everyone, if you're like me you have a full inbox and sentbox.
    I just tried sending some PM's but everyone has a full box.

    There is an option to download them in several different formats if you want to save them.

    seafoodlover, please email me at jdinner399 @ gmail . com

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    I also just ran into this problem when trying to send a message to Ari

    The following errors occurred with your submission
    You have reached your stored private message quota and cannot send any further messages until space has been created.
    MadMechanic has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    Can we increase the limit of Private Message that a user can have since this has always been an issue on Mad Mechanics? The space taken by private messages isn't that great therefore I wouldn't think that this would be as big of an issue as something like pictures or attachments which will really eat of the server space.



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    I am going to address this right now

    Probably just a default setting which needs tweaking

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