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Thread: A Much Deserved Thank You

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    A Much Deserved Thank You

    Mad Mechanics Admins,

    Thanks for making the improvements to the site and getting things back to where it was before. I run a site myself ( so I understand the amount of cost in both dollars and time that are required to provide this service to everyone. I think that everyone would agree that the hobby wouldn't be the same without these types of sites.

    I would urge any member out there that uses this site on an ongoing basis to show your support and become a Patron member. This money is used to pay the annual hosting costs of the site and I can assure you that no one is getting rich from this.

    Thanks again


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    I know many people feel or felt things were done purposely for other reasons, however it impacted all of us in such foolish ways.

    I know during the last 2 weeks especially with all the name calling, angry emails, ridiculous postings here, on other forums, and funny/worthless legal threats, people understand how hard the 2 mods and Admin worked to minimize the impact of what was happening.

    Thank you for the acknowledgement.
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