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Thread: What's up with this Forum?

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    What's up with this Forum?

    Every photo I submitted to this forum is now in the form of a thumbnail. You have to click on the image to see it bigger. I attempted to upload a bunch of my images to photobucket so I could add a photo link to hopefully solve this issue. Apparently the upload with photobucket was too large and Mad Mechanics won't accept it because the file size is too large.

    I have to say, I'm getting frustrated with this new site and don't know how much longer I will be posting entrees into my build diary.

    Maybe I'm just not as computer savvy as other members here. I'd rather spend my off time building my car than spend hours attempting to figure this out.

    I hope someone can shed some light on this!

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    My build thread no longer has any of my pictures. I am not to happy with the new site myself.

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    HI all,

    I cannot speak for how much is finished nor as to how much needs work... I can however speak of this site's size, and if you think how many threads vs pics there is, then you'll realize there is alot more work to be finished... The attatched links could be some kind of deal Ari made to keep finances down, or lower or something like that... Take rest gentlemen, this site is not up to speed yet, it will still take more time to get there... Heck, there are 150 pages to Funnywheels's own build thread, about his topless conversion, and there are no pictures or attatched links in that thread just yet....

    What I can also say is that a thread talking of what is going on with the site's transfer, as much as possible, would be nice. Basically asking for some kind of timeframe for when the site would be back on top again.....
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    Regarding the missing images: as previously mentioned, we have 100% backups of the old site, and are working closely with the programmers of this forum software (VBulletin) to try and address why some of the images were not migrated. we expect these issues to be worked out shortly.

    Regarding the size of images, that's something we can control on our end. I'll get them enlarged across the site now.

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    WoW ... Away for a few months because of medical problems, come back and someone changed the room.

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    images fixed

    Just want to confirm the missing image issue was corrected last month - please email admin if you find any other issues.

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    Did you get the hip replaced?
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