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Thread: Irritating ads that cover posts

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    Irritating ads that cover posts

    Since the new format I get these ads that are posted over the top of threads preventing me from seeing the whole picture or what is typed. Is there any way I can opt out of these ads? They are never anything that I'm interested in.

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    Yeah I get them too
    Mods can you please turn off the picture ads that appear in the threads? They are the worst all the other ads are ok

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    I see the ads too but I don't think they cover up any of what was typed in the post. They are still very irritating though. Maybe they are the price we pay for a free forum.

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    Yep I was annoyed too, but found out it was MY computer making them so big they covered the pics! LOL!
    I had my screen zoomed a bit and the ad moved over the pic. When I zoomed out the pic moved off to the side and I could see the whole pic (but the text was too small to read on the post then )
    on my mouse, I held down the left ctrl key and rolled the center wheel on my mouse changing the "zoom" factor. Try it and see....

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    noted - in-post ads should now not appear for patron class members

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