Why do the big corporations feel that they can screw their existing customers over and get away with it...
I had been a loyal O2 mobile customer for years (I used to be a manager for phones4U and they had best service and reception in UK) every time I looked to upgrade I would be advised that I needed to pay for a half decent phone, up until this year I had made them see sensce eventually and got the phone that I wanted without having to increase my monthly spend (by much) all the time watching mates swap networks and get better deals (why was I so bloody loyal?) this year I looked to change from my Galaxy S i9000 to the new Nexus (the I9000 is still running great and now has Ice cream Sandwich running with only minor issues thanks to XDA forums, the Madmechanics of the mobile modding world!) when I was advised that they wanted 125 for the phone on a 24 month contract, I thought they were joking (its not an iPhone!!!), but she said that my monthly spend of 35 was not high enough (I know over the pond you guys are used to paying more for your phones, so I know my wing may seem a little misplaced lol)

I was faced with three options:

1) Get the new phone on my existing network and pay them 125 for the pleasure and 35 per month over 24 months (bent over and done from behind option)

2) Change to 3mobile and get the phone free on a 36 per month over 24 month contract, with the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with (throttle the customer service agent every time it goes wrong option)

3) Or keep my existing handset (upgraded and pimped) and move to a pay as you go sim/network (the MR2 rebodied as a Murcie, great looks and running costs just a bit slower)

I chose option 3, after lots of research I am now on Giffgaff, paying 10 for 250 minutes unlimited texts and unlimited data! it runs on the O2 network so the coverage is excellent, and the customer service is community based, if you have a problem you post it to the forum and members will reply with help and advice, if they can't answer the question then the admins step in.
Its a great community (reminds me of a certain kit car forum lol) and they reward you for helping others by giving you points that can be redeemed for minutes, cash or donated to charity.

If any of you fancy taking a look or giving it a try you can get a free sim (they do mobile phone as well as data bundles for iPads etc), and help me save towards my future kit car build lol.


Im not trolling for referrals, just like to share when I find something that can help my fellow forum friends to save.