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Thread: Thoughts and ideas for sealing plastic...

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    Thoughts and ideas for sealing plastic...

    I have an aluminium dock that is about three years old now. It has a plastic top that I think is ABS but I know is glass fibre reinforced.

    As it sits out in direct UV for so long, the top surface has deteriorated and now the fibers have started to surface.

    Okay doesn't sound too bad until you take your shoes off to climb in the boat. Then you end up with hundreds of little glass fiber shards in your foot that either itch or send shooting pains depending on which part of your foot (or hands) have been exposed to this stuff.

    I wen to the manufacturer and complained and they offered me 10% off my next purchase with them as a show of 'good will'.

    I wondered if anyone had any ideas of what I could coat it with (pref clear) that would seal the fibers from our feet!

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    Sound like sand it down and apply a coat of fiber glass resin or two , use some matting if you think it might help ???

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