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Thread: iPads & Smart Phones for Cars

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    iPads & Smart Phones for Cars

    Thought I'd share these links here, fun stuff.

    An ipad has apps for a Speed gauge, an RPM meter, a Compus, and a custom dynamic Clock display.

    It has a feature to display what another camera (Car Rear Camera!) is streaming via Internet or Bluetooth.

    It also has Maps, GPS, MP3 Player, Video Stream, Bluetooth, XM/FM & Online World Radios, Etc.

    And has a Reminder & Tracker for Oil Change, Gall Fill-ups, and Break Timers.

    It has awesome Internet apps like Find the Cheapest Gas Around!, Where the Speed or Intersection Cameras are located, A parking spot locator, a Garage door opener, quarter-mile (0.4 kilometer) elapsed times and trap speeds, lateral g-forces, 0-60 mph (0-97 kilometers per hour) times and speeds, braking g-forces and even horsepower (or kilowatts)


    HowStuffWorks "Top 5 iPhone Apps for Your Car"

    iPad Functioning in a Car:

    What can iPad do with my car? Mercedes Benz E250 Brabus D4 - YouTube

    Keyless Start:

    Starting my mercedes engine from my ipad - YouTube


    Torque Android App Review & OBDII Bluetooth Adapter - YouTube

    Well, it's 2012. Is OEM the way?

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    I wonder how my cockpit would look with a "Matrix" style setup of Ipads?

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    Thanks a lot for posting.
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