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Thread: Over Weight, looking like a porker?

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    Over Weight, looking like a porker?

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    With the the populations in the Australia, the United Kingdom and the good old U.S of A. getting fatter by the year, maybe this new diet is what people should be on, to drop the kilos!

    Baby Food Diet: Should You Try The Newest Trend?

    Today I was reading the news about the Baby Food Diet.

    The Baby Food Diet is all the rage in Europe and Hollywood!

    The diet reportedly involves replacing breakfast and lunch with about 14 jars of baby food (about 25 to 75 calories each), and then eating a sensible dinner, and you can lose 3kgs a week.

    Celebraties like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Madonna are on the baby food diet.

    Now the good thing about the baby food diet is

    • Baby food is free of additives, pure and full of vitamins.
    • Portions are small enough to control cravings and avoid the temptation to overeat.
    • Many selections are gluten-free for those on a gluten-free diet.
    • Organic varieties available Broad variety of flavors.

    Since babies' digestive systems are so young and innocent, most baby food that you'll find at the grocery store is free of added fats, fillers and other additives. Organic baby food is also lining the shelves so you can be sure that the mushy stuff you're eating does not contain genetically-modified ingredients, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

    Think about it, baby food is good for your baby, so it must be good for you also.

    According to health experts, it’s not as bad as you might think.
    “Food that makes a baby grow is pretty good food,” said Dr. Samuel Klein, Director, Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis.

    Klein explained that baby foods typically don’t have much added sugar, sodium or preservatives. Because fruits and vegetables are baby food staples, those on the diet are likely to take in a decent amount of these often neglected food groups.

    What's really up with the trend? Here, a quick pro and con guide:

    Pro: No need to cook—just throw a bunch of jars of baby food in your bag and go. They're portion controlled!

    Con: Maybe there's a reason you don't remember what you ate as a baby. Pureed peas, anyone? And if you choose the higher calorie options, you're still eating at least 1,000 calories. If you really, really love the taste, well, research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that finding a diet you can stick to is more important than which diet you choose. But baby food for the long term? Doubt it.

    Pro: Celebs like Lady Gaga, Marcia Cross and Reese Witherspoon are rumoured to have followed the Baby Food Diet.

    Maybe they're not. None of these stars are fessing up. I probably wouldn't admit it if I were subsisting on strained squash, either.

    Pro: Nobody will steal your food from the office fridge.

    It's hard to earn professional respect when spooning strained carrots out of an itty bitty jar at a business lunch. Enough said.

    Pro: Baby food is low in additives and preservatives.

    It's still baby food. Sure, you have something on your colleague with the organic food superiority complex. But it's still more likely that her organic arugula with heirloom tomato salad will end up on a celeb chef menu than your mashed cauliflower.

    Pro: Baby food is cheaper than a home delivery juice cleanse program.

    It's not as trendy. A juice cleanse program can run around $65 per day, whereas baby food costs a fraction of this. But while juice cleanses are widely considered socially acceptable, baby food...isn't.

    Bottom line: You can lose weight on the baby food diet, but what will your friends think?
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