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    Joined the forums as there is some great stuff / information on here and information that I wish I d seen during my build as I'm near the end now.

    I did try to post a thread earlier today but not sure where its gone to be honest.

    I'm sure ill pick up some tweaks etc... I can do to my build from this forum.

    Some of the builds on here people should be very proud of! A couple of pictures of my build currently before off to the bodyshop and then on to redoing the interior how I want over the winter. The car has passed the UK IVA test so is technically speaking 'on the road' although i'm not using it yet.

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    It would appear you need a minimum number of posts... just building up to it and ill edit the first post with pics and video

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    Always nice to talk to yourself

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    What a great car and you built it so fast. This was one of the ones I was considering buying but the lack of information about them and some negative feedback from buyers put me off on building one. I wish there was more information and build threads and it would surely increase their sales. What color will you be painting it? You've done a great job so far, congratulations!

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    Ive looked at a lot of colours and how they behave in light. Mainly on cars on the street. Ive finally decided to stay away from candy, partly due to cost as well. So at the moment looking at Mazda 6 soul red

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    Savage build can you pm me details of where you got the body panels and chassis cheers

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    Great car!!! Should be amazing once it gets a lick of paint

    A lot of long timers on this site don't bother with intro posts as I would say 50% of people join, last for maybe six months (after asking inane questions - which you spend some time answering)

    and once they realize just how much work goes into building a kit, let alone making a kit from scratch, they tend to move on. You seem to have tackled that monster head on!

    Because of that, everyone has missed out on your amazing car!

    It would be great to see some more pictures of your build and hear some more about the kit and the build process you went through. Maybe post in the build thread section.

    Edit: just seen your other post - welcome!!!
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    Probably should of given a different thread title for peopel to look, but it can be a nice surprise. Bodywork shop has been hard at work.

    Colour has changed slightly as the above was 3 stage paint but alot of basecoats, so going for this instead which I think will suit it.

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    Hello everyone, I am Leemike from USA.
    I just join this forum for discussing about the Car. Actually I'm very eager to have antique models of cars and I think there are so many people who talked about such models.
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