Hello! My name is Mike, Going to trade my 77 corvette for a Countach tomorrow. Its all ready mounted to a steel custom fabricated chassis , has V8 already installed, body mounted. I don't know what kind of V8 (the distributor is angled to the left, front of motor is facing the front of the car) was told a 400? then told a Cadillac motor the guy wasnt sure. He didnt build it he owns a custom shop and got it on "money owed" about 8 years ago. I'm going to restore it, has no glass, needs a rear wing, interior is totally shot. It started up. Has a hurst or B&M shifter. 4 wheel disc brakes. Its the 25th Anniversary Countach body and is much longer than a fiero for sure. I have owned several fieros in my time and its nowhere near the length of a fiero. Its an all steel tube chassis for sure as I have looked for through out.

Making the trade tomorrow, I will post pics soon as it arrives. They are bringing it to my house and then loading up my vette.

Looks like I will be a member here for a long time, hope to get help and offer help as well.

This is an awesome site!
Glad to be a member.

Mike in Texas