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Thread: cool go kart

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    cool go kart

    kids would love this it has 6 H.P and a top speed of 17mph


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    Re:cool go kart

    can you turbocharge it?
    how many speeds and is it automatic or manual?
    can it do wheelies and jumps?

    its fun but it scares me to see toys sell for thousands..
    i think u guys will agree that these should be under $1000
    keyword is should but, then again car should be $20k tops lol
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    Re:cool go kart

    wow 3700 plus thats nuts!!! when i have kids i will love them to death but i dont think my love means for me to buy them this little toy lol. man i wish i was rich lol

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    Re:cool go kart

    Here's a big boy toy:

    Garrett/Allied Signal JFS-100 Turboshaft specs-

    Peak Power: 100 shp @ 3,100 rpm
    Peak Torque: 300 lb/ft @ stall
    Weight: 84 lbs. (wet)
    Power/Weight Ratio: 1.2:1
    Compression Ratio: 3.5:1
    Air mass flow: 1.6 lbs/sec.
    Compressor Speed: 75,000 rpm
    Maximum Turbine Temp: 1,850 deg F.
    SFC: 1.17 LB/shp/hr.
    Max. Power Turbine RPM: 60,400

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