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Thread: Anybody race online? PS3 GT6 or Forsa Motorsport 6

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    Anybody race online? PS3 GT6 or Forsa Motorsport 6

    Been seeing the new commercials for the Forsa Motorsport limited xbox, unbelievable technology these days. I have been racing online the nascar circuit in what's called dirty nascar. There are also "clean" nascar races online. Why nascar? Honestly, I don't know much about nascar, but its the best racing online. All the cars are almost equal and you get to tune yours suspension and tranny which really makes a difference.

    You need to win certain races to get the privilege to race online, so it takes some time. The racing rigs are much cheaper these days. You can get a nice rig on ebay with a cool racing seat and you add the pedals, steering wheel and shifter. Love my paddles. I'm using a vision racer rig with a G27 wheel, shifter and pedals but looking at the new g29 setup. I have a blast racing at night. You can also sample your favorite supercars on any track
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    I only played GTA: Vice City years ago, but I loved it.
    As I understand these games are online ones, aren't they??
    I'd love to try playing them to release stress from work. Do you know where I can donload or buy them?
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