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    wow just got my catalog today they have 100's of 1/18 cars and alot of other things they even have a 360 spider
    go kart that goes 30mph!! ferrari/lamborghini shirts and hats key chains!! ferrari cologne i didnt even know they made that..even have mirrors that are lights to hang on your wall!! all i can say is request a catalog its worth it!

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    yep, the catalog is a hundred times better than there website, when i get bored i like to look at it over and over,and once you get one they will keep coming in the mail

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    The go-cart looks like junk!
    The back of it is wrong, no side scoops, those are lawn tires, not street tires. Look at the interior! What is wrong with those people!

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    it's a go kart....

    but i must argee if u use the name the model the design...use
    the design! looks like a flat dodge caravan with flabby sides
    and i can only freak out at the front

    but if i could get that gokart i would be happy happy (and
    would buy some fiberglass lol)
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