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Thread: project car

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    project car

    Hi i was wondering if anyone knew of any cheap cars i could build with my daughter as it will be her first time using tools etc and was wondering what would be one of the cheaper cars price of vehicle and parts combined just incase we go wrong and need to replace multiple times.

    Many thanks

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    I like the 4th gen Firebirds and Camaros. A nice V6 car is at the bottom of it's value right now and the parts are super cheap with almost unlimited help on the internet when things break. Honestly you buy can a wrecked one with a good engine and a nice one with a blown engine. Put them both together and sell whats leftover to make money. Recently I picked one up for $175 and another one for $200

    If your asking about a "cheap" easy "kitcar" no, those don't exist.
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