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Thread: 2016 geneva show pics are online

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    2016 geneva show pics are online

    Lots of pics being posted from this weekends show. I like the new lamborghini centnario which by the ways is 100% sold out and pushing 700+hp
    Yellow Vetter Carrera Gt-boxter based
    White Vetter Murcielago-boxter based
    White Gagliardi Vendetta
    Gemballa avalanche 911

    Team Mad Mechanics 2016

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    Oh yeaaaaaah
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    Ford really did well on the new GT, I like it a lot.
    Was Lamborghini there with the Asterion? I would love to see it in person, I am really liking the pics I have seen.

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    Cool cars! I wish to have a Lamborghini, too!

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    nice pic! lamborghini the best

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