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Thread: Tyrannosaurus rex car

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    Tyrannosaurus rex car

    hi all day one and first ever post, been a petrol head and so forth for many many years started way back in the 80's when i welded up my first horse and mended the cart and a been welding and mending ever since.

    any way heres the question build up. the wife an i have decided to have a joint late mid life crisis and we saw a topic on another forum about driving to the furthest car park in Norway well inside the arctic circle. so yes we can do it in a camper van or a car and a caravan but we wanted to be more "british" than that.
    so the chain of thought goes like this
    1, small car completely unsuitable for this role, IE nissian micra

    thats old hat and everyone does that

    2, small car towing a trailer with a three piece settee on it, sounded far far better and much more sensible
    2a small car towing a childs fibreglass play den looking like a large boot
    2b small car towing a childs dinosaur play den

    3, large car- large car with the shell of the caravan wrapped around it welded in place on a steel frame so it looks like the caravan is driving down the road on its own
    3a, a large car wrapped around with an old fibreglass boat so it looks like a boat driving down the road

    then i had a tv moment, for those that dont know a tv is where we used to watch films before amazon/you tube and streaming. and then a certain film hits me
    " One of our dinosaurs is missing"
    then i had that why not thought we all have before descending into a world of pain and poor financial reasoning,

    why cant i build a car with a T REX on it /in it/ around it and then drive a T REX to the artic circle instead

    yet to decided the basics how-why-where-when and how much but i do need to understand the legal beagle side of it

    if the T REX is at on a roof rack and trailer then its a load and i dont mess with the cars insurance ????????????

    if i weld the support frames to the car its time for a new insurance, what do Tyrannosaurus REX's cost to insure to drive to the north pole??
    how about a mixture of roof rack and trailer as a load, or do i just cut the roof off and build a real one

    the vehicles and reasoning out of the question for now just the legal aspects

    this does then lead to one massive question i have yet to answer when in europe are the laws on custom cars differnt to that of the uk or put another way,

    whats the speed limit for a Tyrannosaurus Rex in germany on a wet road?????????

    advice please all on a stupid idea

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    Dude... I can't even...

    So, is this going to be a "one-off" vehicle, or do you plan to mass produce and sell these body kits?

    Have no idea where to tell you to find the info you need, but I hope you do. I for one would love to see photos of a T Rex car crossing the Arctic Circle!

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    its a one off , just for a laugh, completely bonkers for no reason what so ever other than what else should you have when crossing the artic cicle other than a 12 foot long T REX or a parker knoll settee

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    just spoken today to the Norwegian and German driving enforcement departments.

    whilst it is possible to do the caravan or boat wrapped around the car as well as welding a T REX to the roof, the chances of being pulled over and having to explain it is to high and they have both suggested to go the roof rack and trailer, as a Load i can get away with more.

    strange thing is that both departments also thought it was a, perfectly British thing to do and b, wished me well doing it< result

    so we are now looking at cars or vans and roof racks for the head and neck and shoulders and a caravan chassis for the tail sections

    we also looked at the channel tunnel to transport it on, to add an extra head and shoulders of a T REX and a 20 foot tail only adds an extra 50 each way, which is nice!!

    i did have one very very weird conversation today and that was the aero dynamics of a tyrannosaurus Rex doing 60mph.
    if we did a whole car project the wind resistance of the fibreglass structure at speed would cause a lifting of the front end and there fore effect steering, also the side wind resistance would also effect handling, cool heh, some people think of every thing, he did point out that its not often one gets to use the words, aerodynamics and tyrannosaurus Rex in the same conversation!!!!
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