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Thread: New Amphibious sports car!

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    New Amphibious sports car!

    New amphibious car unveiled on River Thames
    (CP) - A New Zealand company is behind what it calls the world's first high speed sports amphibian vehicle. Gibbs Technologies launched the so-called Aquada Wednesday on the River Thames in central London.
    Apart from having three seats side-by-side, at first glance the Aquada looks like many other cars, until you see it skim over the water. The company says the Aquada can reach speeds of 160 km/h an hour on land, and with the press of a button, 48 km/h on water.
    The Aquada was developed in New Zealand, Detroit, and Nuneaton in Britain.
    The problem that plagued previous vehicles was the drag created by the wheels as they moved through the water.
    In 1995, Gibbs discovered the concept of raising the wheels while they remained connected to the drive shafts.New Zealand tycoon to lauch amphibious car
    AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Sept. 3 (UPI) -- A New Zealand tycoon is planning to lauch a new, amphibious sports car for the luxury market, the New Zealand Herald reports.
    Alan Gibbs told the newspaper it is the realization of seven years'intensive design work in Auckland, Detroit and Britain. The plan was unveiled at a London dockyard.
    Gibbs would say little about the cost of one of the 200 Aquadas planned to roll off the production line at his British plant in the first year.
    "It will be equivalent to a premium-priced sports car," he said. "Think of something pretty good but certainly less than a Ferrari Enzo."
    In New Zealand, the Enzo costs nearly $2 million.
    Fifty engineers headed by a team of former Jaguar experts have already produced 10 prototypes at the Gibbs Technologies plant in England.
    The Aquada has a stainless steel and aluminium frame and a glass reinforced polyester shell.
    Gibbs plans to license the technology to other vehicle manufacturers.
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    Re:New Amphibious sports car!

    interesting. looks fun but 160km/h? kind of weak considering
    what other cars do. a good condition 80s honda can do 160
    which is 100mph.

    i can take a good guess on whats in the next 007 movie ;D
    shoot machine guns AND transport people in a car over a lake
    but they'll probably stick on BMW emblems.
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    Re:New Amphibious sports car!

    I saw this on the new yesterday and they said the estimated cost was $250,000.00...they mentioned the target market was the well to do coastal areas.

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    Re:New Amphibious sports car!

    i dont think this is an awsome car, relatively speaking, and
    especially for that price. i do however see how great it would
    be to someone like a millionaire with a nice house on a small
    island. why take the ferry when you can drive! lol
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    Re:New Amphibious sports car!

    It looks like an old VW based dune buggy.....ooohhh boy I want to pay 250K for thank you. Driving on the street you will look like a hippy, driving it on the water you will look like you can't afford a real boat. It is UGLY too.


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    Re:New Amphibious sports car!

    I think it's cute!

    Mostly, I wish I would have thought of that first.

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