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Thread: My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

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    My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    Every once in awhile you come across total idiot mechanics that are in the business to scam people. I have explained the entire thing on my website and I also emailed his major customers, Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto Ambulance Service and Murray Demolition.

    I am going to small claims court to try to get reimbussed for dropping $4000.00 in 4 months. $4K would be better spent in my kitcar project!!!!!

    My homepage

    Jeffnor Transmssion Page

    Jim :'(

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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    jdinner sorry to here about your unfortunate ordeal with your transmission. To try and add a little humor I went to your website and I have to disagree about taking a lincoln to the race track. Every now and then I have a little fun with my LSE. Well, maybe I don't go on the track but the local sreets do just fine. Darn thing tops out at 139mph though, I may have to try and do something about that ;D

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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    Hey stakemkr
    My lincoln will beat every honda, vw, ricer that I come up against. For those of you who think a lincoln is a mild luxury car, think again. 300hp, 32 valve, 4 cams, air ride suspension, overdrive.
    I was able to get rubber at 60 miles per hour once. Hang on when it is wet out.

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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    Busted! I think you've compiled enough evidence to rip that guy a new *hole. Go for it! Take that scammer to court. I bet half of the automatic tranny repair places are scam artists like this guy. I've heard tons of horror stories like yours. That kind of service is good for repeat business. lol. They would have done a better job had they known your credentials I bet.
    Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    you just never know what they do, till you get under and check it out yourself, I found a couple of bolts hangin out of the bell housing. I was like no way, they forgot to put these in all the way.

    after 18month of driving my clutch is slipping.

    hope your car is all tip top now. I love them Mark's thats a hella cool year I think.
    y@<br />______<br />yup that means Wyatt---<br />

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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    This is why I highly recommend shop class in high school. It helps to a few things about cars and some of the terminology when you take your car in for service.
    The girls in my class can talk circles around a lot of the service mangers in the area shops. I instruct them how to deal with guys, they now know how to ask questions and now know what it an important repair.



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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    hey jim, just curious, you know a lot about cars, so why let somebody else work on your car to begin with?

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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    Very good observation. My car stopped working near my house. My school, with the hoist, is 1/2 hour away. My Truck repair business is mobile so I don't have a real shop, it is all outdoors. February!
    Automatics are a specialty and it is not one of mine.....yet.
    He offered me a 1 year warranty and a deal if I promoted his shop within my school. I am currently advertising his shop on my site....all negative.
    At the time my hoist was tied up with an engine replacement.

    I should have waited, I know. I now know better...don't trust mechanic shops.
    I would have saved money by doing it myself and installing a real Ford remanufactured part. This is what I did in the end anyway.

    Live and Learn



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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    of course, that's the only time a car decides to break when all your stuff is tied up. sort of similar, but not to the same extent, i found out to always keep my jack in my truck. of course, had a blow out the one day i didn't put it back in there. luckily, i was nearly home and had a buddy bring it to me. the real downer was going to get the dang thing replaced--16" wheels on my truck are apparently only made by goodyear, so that was $150. oh yeah, the tire only had 7000 miles on it. needless to say i got the road hazard warranty but i'm sure will never use it!

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    Re:My Lincoln Transmission Ordeal

    Yep, you probably won't the warranty. But if you do, the warranty may have changed and doesn't cover flats or tire damage that may have been caused if installed on a road vehicle.


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