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Thread: Found a funny car website

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    Found a funny car website

    Fear this ;D

    What happens when a hillbillie has money

    This is for all of you that roll stop signs

    Just read the side of the van, he should have known it was coming sooner or later!
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    Re:Found a funny car website

    OHHH MAN!!!! The pontiac car thats over the truck loading bay ... I WORK THERE!!! ha ha ha I unload trucks from that same spot every day lol thats funny I wounder how it got on there ???
    Anyhoo...the story is this... a new guy delivering parts had never been to our factory so when he came in, he wasent paying attention and went right through it, and it was his first day OWCH so we got 2 fork lifts to bring it upand belive it or not there wasent that much damage to the front of the kinda just teader taugtered (is that how ya spell it?) till it tiped
    Now we have gates there so when theres no trucks we put in the gates and chains so people can see them but how can you not see a big stop sign? lol ahh well theres my story

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