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Thread: Everybody must read this!!!!!

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    Everybody must read this!!!!!

    A few days ago I had some problems with my computer and I thought I just got a virus or something even though I have Nortons its only 95%. Long story short I got hacked by a little computer nerd! He screwed up alot of stuff, so don't let it happen to you go here and cover your ass. Here you can down load a free fire wall, by the way the computer lady said that in the last 4 months it has gotten really bad, so do it. Or get a fire wall somewhere!!!!
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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    You mean you never had a firewall while on the net...Yikes!
    Well good to know you have one now, You now see how may people will attempt to get into you computer.

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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    Everyone should have a firewall. Some routers come with a firewall installed but its better to have the protection on your computer as well. cygate, kerio, norton are among some of the decent firewalls out there. Just make sure that your firewall doesnt set certain ports open as default, or allow certain programs access by default. Be sure to go into the program and set the rules ( permission for each program etc) manually.

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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    As the Technical Coordinator for a large ISP.... welcome to the internet.

    PS. Let me guess, you have a Microsoft OS.

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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    i hate to seem stupid but i am in computer world,what is a firewall.ive been a regular pc user for about 2 and a half years now and ive never had a problem of any kind,do i have a firewall and dont know it,how do you know if you have a virus

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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    virus scanner like norton will tell you if you have a virus.
    if you're not having any trouble, then even if you have viruses,
    they are probably not harmful.

    firewalls are programs that block stuff from the outside and
    only allow certain traffic to your computer. mostly thats web,
    email, etc...
    the downside is that online games sometimes get blocked so
    creating game rooms (hosting a game) will not work.

    the big thing today is spyware/adware. basically, they work
    like viruses but pop up ads, casinos, mess up google and other
    search engines, and annoy people to death.
    free programs like adaware or spybot will solve those problems.
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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    I just got ad-ware 6.0 and its great from what I'm told. We put it on and it showed I had 250 some viruses, most spy crap on there. Mike be sure you have Nortons Anti-virus and keep it updated and go ask for a program called Ad-ware 6.0, you then down load it and clean it out every month. If you computer ever starts to slow down or act up that most likely why.
    I am in Lowell, Indiana<br />Building an 88 Fiero GT with a 93 STS Northstar and 5 speed Getrag. <br />Custom Mr. Mikes interior, Norms fiberglass nose and custom paint.

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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    ok i understand

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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    mike d, you should get a Firewall. It stops hackers from looking throught your hard drive when your online (unaware it's happening) also get a anti-Virus program.

    Ad-ware 6.1

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    Re:Everybody must read this!!!!!

    ya i run a 24 hour ftp and its sooo hard to make my firewall not let "some" people in my ftp but id rather have my cpu safe then hacked

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