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Thread: Windstar Owners Are Stuck Up!

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    Re:Windstar Owners Are Stuck Up!

    I wasn't name calling i was just saying lets try to be more friendly around here. Even though i wasn't i just don't like the cocky comments out of no where. Sry Bud.

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    Re:Windstar Owners Are Stuck Up!

    I have a vette, er least for another week or so. It's been a wave thing for vettes for a long time. Vette owners are different. I'm on a vette forum and for the most part when I've asked tech questions, they are not too helpful. Maybe they just have the money to pay to have the work done so they don't know the answers. ???

    I've never tried "the wave" at another minivan. We had a 99 Odyssey up til about a week and a half ago. Some unliciensed illegal alien t-boned a passing f250 pushing it into my wife sitting at the stop sign across the street waiting to turn. She was in the hospital for 5 days.

    Anyways, I haven't looked for other minivan forums (who'd have thought there would be ANY) but after we got ours I found . I guess there is some unity between minivan owners they just don't do the wave.

    Besides if the wave was required/"cool"/expected/etc. from the "dime a dozen" cars you'd be better off just getting this:

    ;D ;D

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    Re:Windstar Owners Are Stuck Up!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stupid_Kid
    EEExotic and KillerX, sunfires and cavs are every where. But a nice 4x4 is a beautiful thing in nature. Vettes i don't think i have to go any further. I know if i had a Sunfire i wouldn't wave to others cuz' my arm gets enough work out at the gym. The only way if i waved to another civic or any thing, is if we both were turbo'ed or some thing cool.

    Sorry Stupid_kid I wasent trying to be rude, I just thought that since there was so many sunfires, cavaleirs, and civics it would just be a work out waving all the time since theres soo many of them...I didnt say they sucked but I now have to re-take what I said up there, because, my cousin waves to other "suped up" civics when hes driving his SiR but he doesnt if its a normal civic...hmmm this could be a good essay for university...ha ha ha...ill keep it in mind
    All I know if I saw a another 355 id would be going nuts with the horn and lights too

    Awww man sorry to hear about your wife, I hope they put that guy in jail for a long time...


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