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Thread: superstang460

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    I'm with Trevor on this one. I joined because at first I obtained info on building a 355 but lately cant help looking at these topics. This forum is how I met John personally too, but I dont go throwing it around like it is a big bargaining chip. We all know John and it doesnt make anyone of us better by name dropping. I cant help but to check out these topics, but I have better things to do with my time, like build a car. I'm driving 15 hours from PA to go see John personally to pick up parts. Does that make me any cooler than the next guy, or do I think I'm tough because John is my Friend? NO!!

    This forum is for helping others out on their builds like many of us did for guys like MODENA. Heck, just a couple of weeks ago he was asking who John was and now they are such close friends. He is building me a car right now too!! I sometimes wonder if people post things just to get high post #'s and prove they know each other. I've met many of you personally at Johns cookout and I have your contact info. So until I need help or advice on my build I am logging off. It is a shame, but I graduated from High school six years ago and dont need this immature popularity contest crap.


    Thanks for all the help from Dave(funnywheels), Duane(Dcox), Trevor(trevman), RT(AutoMX), and many others I have not mentioned. Thanks again.
    No problem Bob. *It was nice to meet you and a few others at the cook out. *But sadly, you are right, and I too have been spending less time here as NOISE, FINGERPOINTING, and JUST B.S. has been taking place here. *I wish there was a rating scale, maybe that way members could vote out other members, people that really contribute nothing to the forum other than running their mouth, or fingers, what every way you want to look at it.

    Good luck on the car, and see ya next year!

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    Re: superstang460

    Thanks for the support and for the suspension info. It is all installed and looking good. I am glad you posted this in the off-topic section(the appropriate section for such discussion) as I am also arguing in the "damn, is it just me" thread in the general chat section.

    I had to log back on just to say that. I used to log on and obtain useful info in regards to building my 355 and hearing mistakes and shortcuts by others so we all dont follow in their footsteps.

    Now all I hear is members that are not even directly involved fighting and name calling as well as the tech board being flooded by "look at these speakers on eBay" or "how big are the little horsies on the real gauges" and "how does a berlinetta differ from a coupe".
    The people that actually know what they are talking about and kept this forum alive are fading away because of crap like this from newbies that like to run their mouths.
    Anyways, I will be keeping in touch when I have trouble crossing a bridge with my build.
    Thanks again, Duane, for the help along the way.

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    Re: superstang460

    I am with you guys too. There seems to be quite a bit of nonsense on the forum lately. I believe we all need to keep everyone informed on people building cars and how they handle a specific challenge. I have enjoyed exchanging ideas and methods of building FunnyWheels (All 3 renditions) with both of you as well as Don, Larry Bud, Bondo Bob and a few others.

    I am truly tired of people on this site who rip off others, brag about their knowledge and expertise but talk about speakers, little horses and vapor cars. I believe that there are about 12 people on this site actually building stuff out of 1192 registered members. A few lambos, several 355ís and 2 308ís.

    The site started out very nicely but is now out of hand. Too bad we donít have a special subscription section for the real builders that is locked for viewing only and open sections for the others. The mass of crap is almost overwhelming to me.


    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: superstang460

    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyWheels
    ... Too bad we donít have a special subscription section for the real builders that is locked for viewing only and open sections for the others.* ...
    Interesting, very interesting...

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    Re: superstang460

    I believe on this type of forum you actually can have that unless its diff from the ones i have joined b4 Ari can you do that?

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    Re: superstang460

    Amen! I haven't been posting too much lately but I'm still in the game, I've been painting my office and working on my shop
    to get it finished. A few days ago I logged on to see people acting like a bunch of kids. What a joke! Ari, Is there a way we can vote people off. We need to do something its gotten way out of hand. There really should be a points system. We all
    know who needs negative feedback.

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    Re: superstang460

    There actually is a point system in affect; if you have 200+ posts you can give people "Positives" or "Negatives" -

    Has anyone tried giving someone a rating before here?

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    Re: superstang460

    That's funny, I can't seem to figure out where it is or how to use it, and I have more than 200 posts.

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    Re: superstang460

    I love the "THE TRASH" section! Great thinking. I believe that will help a lot of us that want to get back to the regular way of life here on the message board. Ari, if you did that... You are a GOD!!!

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    Re: superstang460

    Quote Originally Posted by dcox
    That's funny, I can't seem to figure out where it is or how to use it, and I have more than 200 posts.
    It may be malfunctioning... I'll update the forum software and see if that helps.


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