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Thread: 6 days early

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    6 days early

    Well for those wondering why I haven't posted much or completed the car by now, here is the reason ;D

    Maybe in a few weeks things will be back to normal ... or NOT

    Congrats guys on the great looking cars (dave, glenn, jdinner) Not had much time here to post

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    Re: 6 days early

    congrats!! love the spelling on the name

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    Re: 6 days early

    Well poppa Duane, Kayleigh Alexus is sure a cutie.* We hope Tammy is doing well.

    I know you feel great, having children is one of the greatest events in the world.

    Meg and I wish you, Tammy and the family the very best.


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    Re: 6 days early

    Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful!

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    Re: 6 days early

    Just wanted to say congratulations.

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    Re: 6 days early

    congrats indeed.

    you do have a problem now: 2 hands to work on 2 babies
    good luck*
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    Re: 6 days early

    My girlfriend, Laura and I would like to congradulate You and Tammy. How is Lil' Hunter doing now that Kayleigh has stolen center spot light?

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    Re: 6 days early

    Totally not liking it, but his birthday is coming up so he's excited about that.* There is a battery powered formula 1 / go kart at toys r us, I think he'll like that.* It goes a whopping 7mhp!

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    Re: 6 days early

    I SHARE MY THANKS TO EVERYONE. She sure has changed my life!

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