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Thread: John Watson AD

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    John Watson AD

    Hey Everyone,
    I have been thinking about this all week and have come to the conclusion that John Watson is such a wonderful guy and truly someone who I think many admire as well. I know we commonly go about your lives calling on John for a quick question or two and say a quick thanks and hang up. It is not too often that I stop to let him know how much we all appreciate him doing as much as he does for all of us. I know he spends countless hours with everyone who buys his kits. I just ask that next time anyone talks to him to just take a couple of extra mins and let him know that all his hard work does not go overlooked. He is one of the few Honest and trustworthy guys we have in this business and he is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure things get done right. So next time, I myself included hope to make sure to tell John that we all appreciate his time and comment to everyone. K I am now off my soapbox. Have a good week everyone!

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    Re: John Watson AD

    I agree 100%!! I would really like to make it to the BBQ this year to say thanks in person.

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    Re: John Watson AD

    I actually do that every time I call him. I always just ask what I need and say something like "well I wont take any more of your time" as I try to stay on topic as well. I know John gets a dozen calls a day about what is said here on the forum. I also wish I could do something for him in return but he declines everytime I offer to give him parts.

    Ed, That is a very good idea. You and your entire family always go out of your way to take care of others. Thanks again for the shirts and see all of you at the next cookout.

    John is a straight-shooter, which is rare in this business and I hope John doesn't get burned out by all of us talking gossip on here like little grade school girls.

    Great Idea!!

    Bob Roward
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    Re: John Watson AD

    Man I agree.

    Everytime I talk to John about my car, he tells me of the calls he gets about this board. What is up with grown men tattle-taling? Let the man get his work done will you....(if the shoe fits)

    He deserves to make his money. A few questions, than a thank you....Everybody knows he's the right guy to do biz with.

    Respect his time and know that although he's happy to talk at legnth about whatever you ask, remember that it's coming out of his pocket as far as productivity.

    Im sure he'll listen but he has better things to do than to listen to the "forum gossip". Perhaps he would break down and get a computer one day and stop by from time to time if he thought this place wasnt like it is.

    Plus it's to all our advantage....

    As soon as my car is out of there, the next one is the many people waiting on parts....

    WE ALL BENEFIT, the more successful John is and when we keep him on the phone for hours for no financial benefit to John, we all lose. Look at the big picture.

    I mean what if one day John says "F*CK IT, I don't need this crap anymore, it don't pay enough for all this hassle and conflict..." This forum then wouldnt even have anything left to even talk about.


    And with that, I will do my small part in trying to cut the conflict out.

    Is everyone in agreement with this or is everyone just going to do what they do?

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    Re: John Watson AD

    I have known John Watson for years. And You guys are correct. He is a hard working honest guy in a very difficult industry.

    He does like to help out with his kits and if your like me, youíre proud of him and respect the hard work he puts into each of our cars. Although they all wind up as one off custom cars. He his happy to help. He likes to work nights to build kits. If you know anyone who would like to build one, he does appreciate a referral. It is amazing how this particular kit car site has helped grow his business as well as complement our efforts to build fun rides. We can all show our support by going to his annual BBQ and help grow that event into one of the biggest events in north Georgia sometime in the future.

    Thatís my stump speech.

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: John Watson AD

    I still say he deserves to be rewarded for the time he invests.

    We should keep our interraction with him as limited to business as we possibly can...unless it is a BBQ.

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    Re: John Watson AD

    the initail question was what we could do the most to say thanks.

    I'm merely saying instead of tons of people picking up the phone and "saying thanks" and making small talk and giving forum gossip as being done, allow the guy time to be productive. Not at the expense of being friendly. But being aware that his time is money.

    Believe me he'd really appreciate that. He's told me about his phone. And I'm sure you too Dave. The phonecalls put him behind and there's no reason he should have to waste productive hours sitting up and listen to reports of who's bashing who on the forum.

    He can't have a deep personal relationship with everyone that calls or he'd get nothing done....he's a one man show down there.

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