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Thread: eBay scam of a different kind

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    eBay scam of a different kind

    We are all aware of the eBay scam of a great car that is being sold for a fraction of the cost because it is in Greece or Russia and they need money for a dying family member.

    Well I almost got taken on a different kind.

    This is a tractor I am selling. Somebody bought it from me and said to make things easy he would send me a money order for the cost of the item and the shipping costs too. That way I could cash the check and pay the transporter cash.

    The transporter showed up the same day as I got the check in the mail so, on a hunch, I told them to come back at the end of the week. Sure enough, it was a bogus money order. Not even a real routing #, totally fabricated.

    I went to confront the person about this and he is no longer a registered user on eBay and the email address is no good anymore.

    If I wouldn't have went with my first instinct and held the check, I would have ended up having to pay the listing fees, paid cash for the shipping and lost my tractor all in one afternoon.

    I guess you have to be aware buying and selling now. Can't anyone be honest anymore? I almost spoiled a perfect eBay record(check my feedback rating, over 202, all positives)

    PLEASE be careful buying and selling. I would not wish this to happen to my worst enemy.

    5 out of 4 people are not good at fractions

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    Re: eBay scam of a different kind

    WOW! That would have sucked, good instinct tho.* I was selling a engine on a local BB, this guy from Greenland (so he said) told me he had a customer there who he was building a car for and wanted to buy the engine.* He told me the customer would send me a check for about $2000 over what I was selling the engine for.* I would use the money to pay for the shipping, my engine, and would send him the remainder in a money order.* SCAM! SCAM!

    Speaking of Ebay, watch out for email scams where they send you an email telling you your account has been breached. They provide a link to a site which looks like Ebay but really isn't.* After you enter your user ID and password it takes you to a page for you to enter your credit card number and other information.* I usually follow the link and enter false info like "nice try" with an address of 1234 Scam drive in Scamville USA.......* *;D

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