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Thread: Question about Carbon Fiber Moulding

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    Question about Carbon Fiber Moulding

    Is it possible to mould a "Sphere" of carbon fiber somehow? (Not car related, for a friend's art project) without seems being seen?


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    Re: Question about Carbon Fiber Moulding

    It depends on how big the sphere is and how you plan to cast the piece. The only real seemless method I know of for moulding a part is using below Shore A 0 rubbers. That's the softness of some of the sex toys you see on the market, but surely don't own ;D The idea is to completely encase the sphere in the rubber, using a two part shell to keep it shape of the rubber. When the shell is removed and the rubber ball exposed, poke a needle at one point and force the ball through that needle hole. As I said... it depends on the size of the sphere, but if it isn't too big, the rubber may stretch enough to get it out and show only a dot.... if that.... for the "seam". It would probably be less hassle to just smooth and polish the surface with a two part mold though.

    If you want to brainstorm ideas... let me know what you have and what size it is and I can help you find the best way to mould it.

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    Re: Question about Carbon Fiber Moulding

    another way to do it depending on weather you want it (the sphere) to be hollow or not...
    cut a foam sphere slightly smaller than your to be finished size.
    vacumn bag carbon fiber layer on top of it (the foam plug).
    or use an RTM lite system.
    A really good two part mold and polishing the seam out seems the most practical however

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