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Thread: New Car Advice...

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    New Car Advice...

    Well, I'm looking to buy a car - a Sedan,, AWD prefered, although FWD w/ Traction has treated me well Canadian Winters in the past.

    I've already taken the Subaru Legacy out for a testdrive and was very impressed - even without the turbo its still peppy. I'm thinking of trying the Ford Five Hundred next, followed by the Nissan Altima, Mazda 6 Series. I'm a little worried about Ford reliability, and whether or not it actually has improved of late. I also hear it uses the old Taurus engine, and is underpowered.

    Not really interested in a compact or a two door.

    Any suggestions/comments?

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    Re: New Car Advice...

    I do not know much about the different new cars that are out there now .But my advice would be to get the best and longest factory warranty.Last year I bought my wife a 2003 jag because of the 5 year 50 or 60 k mile bumper to bumper warranty.We owned a jag before a 92 and man that was* one expensive car to keep running I swore that I would never own a nother one again but with the new warranty who cares ;D
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    Re: New Car Advice...

    I've diven an Audi A4 Quattro for the past 6 years and I love it. The winters are very hard where I'm from and Its awesome in the snow.
    They have tons of power and look sweet. I really like the European vehicles because of the way they're designed, something that is actualy capable of speeds well over 100 MPH. A good friend of mine bought a Jag S type, "They look cool" But are the biggest peice of $$$T on the road, but they sure look cool. Timing chain broke at 42,000 miles, warranty only covered up until 36,000 and its an interference
    motor so all the valves bent. it cost him out of pocket $3,600 and then two weeks ago one of his coil packs went bad. Once again
    the dealer came to the rescue. $273.00 and then what do you know.. friday a second coil pack went bad, He called me and asked if it were possible that a coil pack could have gone bad again. And since there are 8 I told him to stop at Auto Zone on the way up to the dealer to make sure it wasn't firing in one of the cylinders, Sure enough one more coil pack had gone bad. AZ code scanned for no charge and he picked up a new coil pack at the dealer for $69.99 and I had it installed in less then 8 minutes. So that means the dealer charges
    $203.00 for 8 minutes of work. WOW how would it be?! But hey... They sure look Cool!. Don't Buy a Jag, Buy an Audi or anything else. Just my change for the day.
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    Re: New Car Advice...

    get a new jag X stype.....they are great for the money,my grandmother has a steel gray one with dark wood goes and purs like no other for the price,handles extremely well too.

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    Re: New Car Advice...

    What about the Subaru WRX STi?

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    Re: New Car Advice...

    Hey Ari,
    I understand your worries about Fords. It seems in the past it's been a true "Fix Or Repair Daily" deal. However, Fords definitely have come a long way. I've seen people with Fords go a whole MONTH without a breakdown or needing repairing!!!!! Now that's improvement! ;D

    We had a 99 Pontiac Grand Prix for 5 years and it was one of the best cars we've had. Very comfortable, did great in snow and rain, and was pretty peppy. We would have gotten another Grand Prix in an instant, but they no longer have 2 door models, but since you are not looking for a 2 door... it might be worth a look. I'm not sure about Warranties or anything... I doubt they are the best or even good... but the car was awesome. The Grand Ams were.......OK........ Don't bother. I guess I'm a Pontiac person, so I had to put something Pontiac here. ;D

    Good Luck,


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