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  1. Best Tire Size for 18x9 rears and 17x7.5 fronts

    I got my wheels for my project. Now I need to go get tires at the tire store. What's the widest tire I can put on an 18x9 rim in a 35 series tire? I was looking at either 285/35ZR18 or a...
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    Inexpensive 18x9 wheels in 5x100 pattern.

    I have been looking for 9-10 inch wide wheels for the rear of my car for some time. Came across these

    Down the page there is 18x9 5/100mm with 35mm...
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    What's everyone using for Ferrari Wheels?

    I know that Spider is using ROH wheels (17x9 rear, 17x7 front) and I absolutely love them. I am leaning towards the Held widetrack suspension to avoid the "potential" spacer issue. I am wondering...
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    New here. And love the site.

    I just found the site and spent most of the afternoon reading posts on it. My name is Mark and I am building an unstretched F50 on a 86GT body. I don't currently have pictures of it but I will take...
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