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    wanted f355 replica

    Hello all, I am looking for a F355 SPIDER/GTS to purchase. I really don't want the coupe but if it its super exact I will consider. Will be ready to purchase within 90 days. I am looking for one with...
  2. looing for a 3.4 TDC engine?? i have two for sale

    hello all i have in my posession two thats right 2 3.4 DOHC motors for sale !!!!!
    one is from a 1993 lumina z34 with 70k miles and the other is a 1994 with 63k miles i have a 3.4 DOHC fiero and...
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    3.4 liter DOHC for sale

    well hello friends i am the proud owner of a fiero 3.4 DOHC and i have run across another DOHC motor its a 1993 lumina z34 motor the motor is still in the lumina and has 70 thousand miles the car...
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    will a isuzu 5 speed handle a 3400 TDC

    simple question. can it handle it?
    today i recieved my 3400 and im ready to hear tose rpms.
    im putting it in my 1986 5 speed fiero taking out the 2.5 and going with a 3.4.
    but can the tranny...
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    360 modena replica??????????????

    whats up yall well let me start off by saying today i saw a 360 spider and he made his way to catch up with me(dont ask why) when i saw and heared it i was in love with it and i want one but i am...
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    whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

    has anyone worked with the bb spyder kit???????
    whats oyure taker on it??
    some say it can be installed in like a day or 2 its that true ?????? is it worth the 6 grand price tag???
    anyone selling...
  7. fiero frame cut points and x frame reinforcement

    well where do i begin i have in my possession an extra fiero frame and i want to give it a good cutting!! i have a sawzall and i am trigger happy!! i want to get a spyder and i want to cut off the...
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    got emblems in  today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well this morning in the mail came all emblems for a ferrari f355 except for the rear name emblems.
    i just dont have the
    f355 berlinetta
    f355 gts
    f355 spyder emblems because i dont know which...
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    best engine for f355 replica fiero????????

    many of you know im gonna get me a 355 kit on my fiero.
    i will have the looks and style but i wont have nearly 1/4 of the performance with this 2.5 liter engine.

    ive been researching all motor...
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    I'm trying to find a mirage kit

    ;D hey does anybody know where i can purchase a mirage F355 kit from? i have read that they are the best kit around and really want one bad. someone please send pictures of the kit ;D
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    wanted f355 kit car

    i need a ferrari f355 kit anyone selling ??????
    elail me send me a post anything i wanna get one by the middle of next month and anybody selling one will be helpful
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