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    Ari: questions about your kit

    I've been following your build diary, and I have a question about when you cut the roof off.

    how did you reinforce the frame, or did you buy the Fiero already with a box frame welded underneath?
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    Aftermarket headlights for Fiero?

    I'm looking for something a little different than usual... I love the look of the new sealed projector headlamps. Typically when a Fiero has new headlights, unless it's part of a kit, it just uses a...
  3. 308 kit molds going on ebay within the next 2 days

    a friend of mine is selling a set of fiberglass molds (on ebay) to make a Ferrari 308 kit, he said the reserve price will be around $2,000.

    if anyone's looking for a relatively inexpensive way to...
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    Supra seats in a Fiero?

    has anyone ever tried to fit MK2 Toyota Supra seats in a Fiero? they look pretty cool, and would be awesome covered in leather.. very exotic looking. a friend of mine just got a MK2 supra, I'll see...
  5. need help/advice with cutting Fiero frame...

    I need to remove the t-tops from my parts car before it goes to the wreckers.. but I've never cut a frame before, and I still don't have the front roof panel off, or the windshield out..

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    1967 Shelby GT350 Replica

    The latest issue of Kit Car Magazine has an article on a 1967 Shelby GT350 Replica! It's built on a custom steel chassis, and looks great.
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