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    Is it possible to cut existing car windows?

    again with one of my questions.

    Do you think its possible to cut existing car windows?
    I asked this to my friend who owns a waterjet cutting machine, and he told me theyre tempered glass, and...
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    closest exhaust sound to real thing?

    What is the best way to get a closer sound to a exotic car engine?

    for example, if I put a Ferrari muffler in a cadillac engine will sound the same as in a Ferrari?
    or maybe a higher rev engine...
  3. This guy modifies cars with PU foam, see the results

    I found this guy that modifies car with PU foam, It seems risky to me, because the sun and temperature changes can affect the foam, making it expand more or contract, and actually crack the surface. ...
  4. Poll: What is better? to build a chasis for the car or use an existing car?

    Im deciding what would be better?

    to build a tube chasis, make all the suspension and engine bases and actually making all the car under the skin of fiberglass, choosing your own engine and...
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    SCUDERO PROJECT, Building from scratch.

    Hi Guys

    I finally decided to show you my work in progress.
    After years of talking and meeting really tallented people who made their cars from scratch I decided to start my own.
    Right now Im...
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