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    what happen to the k1 attack?

    is the k1 attack no longer for sale? i dont hear anything about it. do anyone know why? :-[
  2. will a tubi exhaust work for a fiero base kit car ?

    i was wondering will a tubi exhaust work for a fiero base kit car? if so how will it sound like? ???
  3. brand new z06 corvette engine for my lambo and ferrari replica!

    im currently in the market now for a lambo or ferrari kit and its going to be a turnkey . one that meets my high standards . i want a fully done interior as well. it will be around 90k-100k. plus i...
  4. what company is the best builder? for a....

    what company is the best builder for a 355 rep ? i did not see many companys who build these? ???what is a price range for the top of the line 355 reps.i mean intereior and out the whole thing.
  5. why do all of us who buy replicas do this over and over again???

    i was wondering why we all buy a good replica and then after a year , then sell it???? it seems like no one actually keeps their cars .is there a reason for this? for example many lambo replica guys...
  6. finally a good looking murcielago replica is here!

    look here ;D ;D ;D
  7. whats the best way to replicate a v-12 engine sound?

    oops i think that i posted this ealier in the wrong spot, so i will post it here again. if its in the wrong spot please let me know thanks.
    im thinking about getting a contach replica and i wanted...
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    wing for a 355 kit

    did anyone see that 355 ferari in sin city the movie ;D . wow that thing looked hot . is there a wing like that for a kit?
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    clear engine cover for a diablo kit

    do anyone know if a custom clear engine cover for a diablo ? will it work? do you guys think it will look good or bad? i wonder if company can make a large window engine cover for a diablo. sort of...
  10. murcielago roadster replica for sale now!

    did anyone here see the new car on the ads on the
  11. murcielago roadster replica for sale now!

    theres a murcielago on sale on ebay right now. the item # is 4533412416. its a featured item. bids are moving up quickly.and almost 9 days to go.

  12. do any of you have problems with your front air lift systems?

    hi, do any of you have problems with your front air lift systems? i mean how often do you use it? every speedbump, or up all driveways? do they last at all? :)
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    saw a cobra today

    what do you guys think about cobra reps? good or bad for a build? what price do you think for a copleted one? :)
  14. what do i need to do to get this type of ferarrai ???

    im thinking about getting a fiero and getting a 355 ferrari kit . but the thing is i want pretty much a brand new build. i dont want my car to bust down on the road somewhere when im drivng it. so...
  15. near perfect murcielago and batmobile , 360 ferrari turnkeys !!!!!

    i dont know if youve seen this awsome company yet? but take a look at their site . its a near perfect murcielago finally and a stunning batmobile too. the roof of the murci looks just about perfect...
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    new exact murcielago replica !!!!

    look at what i just found , a much better looking murcielago replica finally. the roof looks right now . cant wait for more finished pics. :o
  17. finally a good looking murcielago replica is here!

    ha! finally a good looking murcilago replica from triangle g website. i was browsing around and i saw there new red murci replica there. it look really good compare to the bad blue one they had in...
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    real lambo sound for a lambo replica!

    does anyone whats the best way to get a real lambo sound? is it the exhaust or the engine? the engines will be either a v6 or v8. whats better a v8 or v6 ? those are the only engines that people use...
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    saleen s7 replica

    how come no one has build a s7 replica? but the gt40 has been done and out so quickly. do you think there will ever be oe done. that will be the best kit ever.
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    seen a gallardo replica

    hey did any of you see that new galllardo replica kit. it was not done all the way yet . but it looked relly good. it was on the net about 5-6 months ago. it looked so modern and smooth. :o ordid...
  21. is this legal to do to your car in public??????

    hi i was wondering is it illegal to cover your car in a public parking lot? i mean just like a regular car cover...
  22. is this type of customizing good for my rims?

    im thimking of getting a kit car soon with non chrome rims . but i wanted to get them custom chrome by a company or someone who specializes in this kind of chroming. has anyone done this before? are...
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    nice 355 replicas

    the job on these 355 replicas look amazing :o i cant believe how hard it is these days to find someone who would build one this good but ive never heard of this company before. just wondering are...
  24. WOW! 04 super porsche carrera gt build kit at affordable price PICS

    WOW this awsome car is now for sale as a kit, yes thats right the 500,000.00 super porche carrera gt. plus the price...
  25. very curious of how people react to these things?

    hi there, i was wondering how peple react to your supercars such as your lambos on the road. i know people out there get very jealous when they see one on the road . this is so true for any good car...
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