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    Murci airbag switch alternative

    Saw this on another forum. The airbag switch with the locking key like the one located on the passenger side end of the dash is a alfa romeo part. Part number 46480451 $24.12 GBP Compared to about...
  2. This might be on interest LAMBORGHINI-ESPADA-BODY-TUB-SHELL on e bay

    this could be on interest to someone
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Just wishing all the members a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope all is well with you and your families. Spending the day here at home. This is our first Thanksgiving here My wife and I got married june 30...
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    Exotic Car Rally Jericho NY Nov 16 Sunday

    Theres going to be a Exotic Car Rally in Jericho NY on Sunday Nov 16th (Turkey Run for Charity). I plan on going to check it out and bringing my camera and camcorder. These are the supposed cars...
  5. Installing windshields on a Murci or any other car not original

    Just wondering if theres any link or photos of putting in a windshield like a Murci where you are replacing the glass. I basically know its a sunk in area and glass slips in with a sealer. I just...
  6. Ship in a bottle... Lamborghini Countach freed!

    great story check it out.
  7. Repro Throttle bodies for mucri anybody interested?

    Just wondering if anybody would be interested in a repro throttle bodies for their murci kits? painted silver with wiring with the plastic covering and black plastic piece thats screwed down on the...
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    lamborghini 19 inch wheels on e bay

    a set of wheels for $2599 no reserve not too far from if I had time i'd go see them to see if he has any other goodies....
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    Murci/LP640 round switch surrounds

    Just wondering if anybody knows where to get the round surround (bezel) used in the Murci (bottom row of switches). Lambo stuff has the longer more rectangle/long oval shape but, the round ones they...
  10. Lambostuff not selling replica parts any longer

    Saw this on Lambostuff
    Replica Lamborghini Parts
    Do to recent requests from Lamborghini, Lambostuff will no longer be selling replica or kit car parts that exactly replica Lamborghini manufacture...
  11. Fat chick trying to get out of a lambo replica

    Check this out...........looks like LuLu Hogg LOL
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    murci with reventon style front end

    Just curious of your thoughts. I like it although I am not sure I would want it. I like it but, it takes away from the original look.
  13. does anybody here work in a plastic fabrication job?

    Just wondering if anybody here may work with plastics? Im looking for a piece of transparant red to play around with a tail light idea. The color would be lighter red like on a 2001 mustang, or a...
  14. someone on ebay is trying to sell a reventon plug/mold

    saw this on e bay. Thought it was strange to be a in progress type of sale. front right is not even with the left in the bumper area. ??? ??? ???...
  15. check this out!!! spider built for about 15 grand

    This is kinda wild, reminds me of star wars.
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    Seems like a good deal to me

    check this out. A Wrecked Murci $52K Probably, long sold. I bet that these cars are like those ads you see in a newspaper saying you can get next to new cars for only a few hundred from the feds. Ya...
  17. BBurago 1/18 Lamborghini Reventon 18-11029 on ebay $55

    just saw this on e bay and of course its from Hong kong
  18. Replica and kit registering and title in New york

    Hello people, Thomas here in long island new york and love the work i see on here from all you guys. Everything looks great thats being built and the experienced builders seem to give great advice to...
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