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    Shout out to BRASTIC

    Shane came out to view and consult my AD355 project yesterday to provide guidance and feedback to my builder to help us to the finish line.

    I cant say enough good things about him as a person, his...
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    AD355 body mount points, engine lid hinges etc

    Bartman or anyone else who might know...

    My body is only attached to my chassis via roof glue. I need to know how to attach the AD355 to the Fiero from the windshield back...

    right now, the...
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    great F355 horn info

    The famous Ferrari horn sound is made by a duotone airhorn setup. The airhorn manufacture FIAMM produced the Serie 2000 made for the Ferrari, early Lamborghini and some Bentley cars. The Serie 2000,...
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    battery removal on the JWAD F355?

    Anyone other than myself come to the conclusion that removing the battery is near impossible in a John Watson Air Dynamic after the body has been installed?

    What have people done in this regard?
  5. how are people handling the shifter/gate with the amida rob interiors?

    I see short throw shifters and balls in some of these interiors. Im after that oem 355 are you dealing with it
  6. can I get a show of hands of anyone doing / having done JW's Airdynamic 355 kit?

    A few questions...


    Was the guy on here that did the mirrors back in the day named BONDOBOB?

    Anyone know how to get ahold of him and get a set?

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    Valid Dumb Question

    Since I dont have my car yet....

    Is reverse lower right on a 5 speed Fiero?

    If not what is the shift pattern...

    I am getting a few black balls 44 mm like 355 made with the correct Fiero...
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    kit with separate rockers on da Bay
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    Gauges are here!

    the Gauges are $950 shipped with all custom senders if you buy in now and $1025 if you wait.* I have 5 sets now.* The actual cost of the gauges and senders alone are 867.90 without any modification...
  10. last stupid question of 2003... MOMO horn button removal

    Ive been prying, tugging, pulling, twisting, pressing, hitting, forcing, torquing, pressing, etc etc etc and I can seem to get the Original MOMO horn button off hte wheel to put my Ferrari one in.......
  11. went for $30K and didnt meet hte reserve....hmm

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    Is this car real or a kit....

    Please tell me what you look for to tell, to be absolutely sure.... 355.JPG 355 I.jpg
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    what a 355 looks like with 360 wheels

    Ive been asked this a few times w 360.jpg
  14. Just got the proofs in for the F355 replica gauges

    Oh boy! These are going to be HOT!

    Anyone need to see pics? email me because theyre in Acrobat format and I dont think I can post them here...can I?
  15. ongoing quest to keep up with a perfect mirror mirror.jpg
    It'll never end
  16. Taking verbal pre-orders on a gauge package that will look exactly like this

    I also need someone to measure the size of the horse on a Ferrari OEM gauge so I can get them made up in 3m vinyl.
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    Yet another choice for wheels.
    Kaotic CEO wheel

    More "Starfishy" closer to 355 than the others... kinda...
  18. Email me if you need a complete set of Ferrari decals (bay & window) decals.JPG Coil sticker.jpg
  19. Never knew a damn muffler could be so beautiful
  20. Has anyone figured out or thought about using temp controls from a different car

    that uses a more "low profile" control layout so we may be able to mount the switches and dials where they are supposed to go?

    I talked to Rob of Fiero Conversions and he says we have about an...
  21. This deserves to be seen by everyone on this forum

    Man what a freakin cool Iguana. I cant even get my dog to listen to me let alone to turn his...
  22. Neat, look what you can buy at COSTCO of all places*4611*
  23. Theres a company selling this wheel for $319 shipped Just bought one.

    By far the cheapest I found it.* *
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    OEM 355 Ferrari top, seats (tan)

    Tan seats mint 1250 ea + shipping
    conv top frame, canvas (little tear) and all hardware $1400

    ebrake handle $300, 3rd brake light 150 , muffler 350 etc avail too

    Pete 510 432 0500
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    very interesting scheme
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