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  1. 355 owners around Toronto - I need help, and my story

    Well guys, some of you may remember me. I started looking into kit cars when I was in college. I begged my Dad to drive me around and find a reasonable priced/good looking kit. I remember going to...
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    355 dash around Toronto area

    Im looking for a 355 dash, let me know what you guys have pm me or email me at

    thanks :)
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    DIY: Ferrari Calipers

    Ok so I made this little DIY for all the people that want to have the Ferrari logo on the stock fiero calipers. You could also have company names/forum names/companies etc on their calipers.

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    Front body problem question

    Well most of these questions is regarding the front part of the car. My dad and I checked the situation on how to bolt the front down and im guessing from what the one kid was doing he was gonna use...
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    Ferrari enzo on ebay woot woot!

    Ohh mannnnnnnn....
    How is it up to $8,000?
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    A lot of questions: Part 1

    Well I told my self that if I could not have this done by this year I would sell my baby, this has challenged me to get this thing done. So for the last couple of days iv been working pretty hard on...
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    Installing corvette lights - Problems

    man im having a lot of problems these days, maybe because im actually working on the car instead of procrastinating anyhoo here we go...

    I purchased corvette lights and tried to fit them today but...
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    355 Headlight - Whats an alternative?

    Well I saw funnywheels and fell in love but his are oem Ferrari headlights and unfortunately out of my price range.

    So I did a quick search but couldn't find anything but I remember someone using...
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    Door handles on 355

    Well im a bit confused on how everyone is doing their door handles on their cars. Are you using original fiero door handles? how are you attaching them to the fiberglass and how are they connected to...
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    How to mount Ferrari tail lights to my kit?

    I have a 355 kit that was made in Toronto, with the bottom scoop under the door attached to the door. So im just worried about figuring out a way to make mounts for the real Ferrari lights. How have...
  11. WTB 1980, 81, 82 Corvette tail lights or Ferrari lights if price is right ;)

    Almost forget I still need to find some... Im looking for 4 lights. The reason im going more toward the Corvette lights is the mounting issue but lemme know what ya got

    Brad :)
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    Frame Reinforcement - I need pics

    Well I know this has been beatin to death but I need pics of what needs to be done... I saw some pics of the inside of the car but lost them somewhere... anyhoo could someone post some or even just...
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    Whats the closest rim to the 355?

    Im looking for companies that are close to the 355 does anyone know any that look like them? and what model etc?

    Brad :)
  14. I think we got probs... whats up with this wheel gap

    Ok so I put the body temp on the car and found out about how big the wheel gaps are. Now I have coil overs in the back but I dont think I can lower it much more maybe 1"-1.5" Now Im just wondering...
  15. What are you guys using for inner wheel wells?

    I have the stock fiero wheel wells and am just wondering should I toss these things out? are they useless to me?

    Wht are you guys using for inner wheel wells?


    Brad :)
  16. What am I going to be using to hold the body to the car?

    What do I use to hold the body to the car? and what rivets should I be using with the fiberglass to make sure it says on?

    In this pic I found It looks like aluminum bars but would the wind at...
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    WTB 1980, 81, 82 Corvette tail lights

    Im looking for corvette tailights for my 355. They will have to come with housing

    Brad :)
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    looking for JLGI kit Video

    someone gave me a video of this but when the guys explaining how to put the body on theres areosmith music on the background!?! I was like WTF?!! lol

    Done anyone have a good video or walk through...
  19. Fiberglass questions - Tons of pics BEWARE 56K !

    Hello all Iv been away for a while but now im back. woo hoo! :D

    Heres the situation.

    As many of you know I purchased my kit in 2002 but went to school for three years so didnt really get to...
  20. Another frame strengthening question (alot of pics)

    Well I wanna end this once and for all... Ill take alot of pics of the car and you guys tell me where it should be cuz im still having difficulty trying to think of where to place metal ;D
  21. Purchased mounts for my fiero from West Coast Fiero...

    Well im gonna go with all poly (yes i know its gonna shake like a crazy mofo) so I was looking at mounts...some people were doing derlyn mounts but there kinda still in "Testing" (some people say...
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    *Almost* Finally at that point

    Well 2 years later im almost at the point that the fiero chassis is how I like it and im thinking of putting the body on...or am I? so I got a few questions...

    (BTW I have a 1 peice door kit .....
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    what rear corvette lights do i need?

    hey guys what corvette lights do i need?
    these one dont look like the ones i have, mine have the middle white
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    need ferrari logo in bmp format

    Im looking for the ferrari logo that has FERRARI with the line aboive it in ok painting my plenium and valve covers and needed it for the sticker to cover the painted area...and cany1...
  25. Where is Brad? Here he is :) (Sanbdblasting STAGE 1) -=WARNING 56K users=-

    Hello every1 I havent been on the forum for the past month cuz iv been trying to get this frame primed roackgaurded / painted.
    heres my story :)

    I was crazy busy sandblasting/wirewheeling,...
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