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  1. Does Mike Vetter have 2 SAME websites?? Is it a Mirror site?

    I was surfing the net and ran into a website which is identical to so this made me a little suspicious.

    Can anyone clear this up? Does he have 2 of the same sites under different...
  2. VEILSIDE FORTUNE MODEL RX-7 (E-FD3S) (Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift) 4 SALE

    Hello guys,

    A friend of mine here in Japan is selling his VEILSIDE FORTUNE MODEL RX-7 (E-FD3S) (same design as the one in Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift) So I thought I would post here for him...
  3. Flying Ferrari to take to the air in two years?

    Flying Ferrari to take to the air in two years? :D

    I found this to be pretty amusing

    Here is what the article said:

    Flying Ferrari to take to...
  4. Paddle Shifter Manual/Automatic??? Which Donors Work???

    Not meaning to sound like a complete idiot but I had a question. Can a paddle shifter be installed into a manual tranny? Which I am pretty sure is no but just wanted to make sure cause a lot of you...
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    ZENVO ST1 "SEXY" Kits Anyone?

    Just saw this ZENVO ST1 :o Pretty SEXY!

    Anyone plan on making a kit for this car?

    If so what would be a good donor for this project?
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