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    3800 mounts and other swap parts

    Hi, All
    I have a thread on PFF about the parts we make and also rep for. we are working twards full install kits for the 3800 SC motors into the Fiero.
    we do make many parts at this time like Motor...
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    Diablo roadster body for sale

    Hi, all
    I have a full Diablo roadster body for sale it has all the fiber glass parts for the inside and out. it was built by a company in Fl. not sure what one. the kit belonged to a customer but...
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    3800 SC engine and swap parts now for sale

    It has been a while since I have posted here but I wanted to share with all of you we now offer several 3800
    parts to you at great prices.

    we have mounts for the swap install into all Fieros. the...
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    85 fiero donor car for sale

    I have an 85gt that I have used for parts and now need to sell the rest andget it out of here.
    most of the car is still on it it has a 6 cyl auto in it and is just missing a few parts from it. it...
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    Exotic car show in Atl. today

    it is here once a mounth but today was the first time I was able to make it.
    I know a lot of teh people at the show and was even able to pick up a little work from it.
    I wanted to get more pictures...
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    Run for the hills 15

    I want to invite all of you to the 15Th Run for the hills. this is an event that the Ga. Fiero club puts on every year and is the most fun you can have with your clothes on in your car ::)
    this year...
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    custom 88 GT Fiero

    I have up for sale my one off custom Fiero project up for sale. it has won awards at several shows this year and I am done with the show season. now it is time to sell her and build a new one for...
  8. +3" rear bumpstear HT kit and wheel adaptors

    I have a customer that has decided to do a cradle swap to an 88 setup and has no need for the rear widetrack bumpstear arms.
    these have been installed but never driven on. cost new 695.00 he will...
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    open house at Whodeanie's customs

    Hi, all
    we just got back from the Ga. Fiero club meeting and I was talking about having an open house at my new shop.
    I have decided to have it on August 7th. this works great for me because my...
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    Hope for AD355 spiders

    I have a shop thread in the mall about my new shop in Ga. but I wanted to post this here.

    For the last few weeks I have been working on a new convertable top for the 355 spider kits. I know this...
  11. new Stainless Steel custom fuel tanks for Fieros

    I have been working out the details for custom fuel tanks for Fieros for some time now and am now setting up the first group buy for them.

    here are the details.... the tanks are built from 14...
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    new shop opening in GA.

    My name is Dean and a lot of you may know me from the PFF Forum.
    I work on Fiero's, kits and customs. I am a mechanic, welder and fabricator that can do fiberglass as well.
    if you are stuck on a...
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    Whodeanies custom shop now open

    Hi, all
    I am new here but a lot of you know me from PFF. I have worked on cars my whole life and have built several kit cars.
    I have been working on friends cars and mine as well at my house but I...
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    I need a wiring diagram for 355 tail lights

    I am new here but I have been on PFF for a long time and have done several kits.
    I am working on a one off custom with my car and I am using 355 tail lights.
    can someone help me out with a diagram...
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