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    If you're still looking for an F355 kit, please...

    If you're still looking for an F355 kit, please feel free to contact me - direct email is prefered.

    I have an original, unbuild, super-nice CK-3 F355 Spyder kit in grey primer. I also have a...
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    *** Callardo and Murci CHEAP!

    Get your fix on eBay: ;D
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    *** CK3 F355 Spider kit (RARE) + Fiero V6 GT


    To those of you who know what CK3 represents in terms of build quality and finished product, then no further introduction is needed....All others please use the SEARCH function of this site...
  4. FS: 1991 Cadillac V8 4.9L engine + tranny + wiring + computers - CHEAP $$

    Just like the topic says.....My customer has a 1991 Cadillac DeVille with a 4.9L V8 engine with 173,xxx miles on it....I'm actually selling the whole package (engine with automatic transmission, +...
  5. FS: Authetic Ferrari 360 wheels + Pirelli Tires on eBay!!

    For those of you who are building or planning on building your next 360 Replica......I'm selling a complete wheels/tires set on eBay which came from a Ferrari 360 with low miles....Authentic Ferrari...
  6. Complete set of 18" Ferrari 360 Modena WHEELS + Tires

    For those of you who are building or planning on building your next 360 Replica......I'm selling a complete wheels/tires set on eBay which came from a Ferrari 360 with low miles.

    The complete...
  7. Electronic Speedo conversion to cable-driven - has anyone done it??

    Is there a way to be able to retrofit an older CABLE-driven speedometer in a stock Fiero with a V6 and 5-spd tranny??
    I want to be able to replace the standard electronic Fiero speedo with a...
  8. Is the AD360 project dead or alive?? Any updates/photos/progress??

    Is anyone working on this project??

    Let's hope we are not all waiting for the dollar to gain ground against the Euro so to place an order for one of those OVERPRICED F360/430 euro-kits....we need...
  9. **** F355 Spyder bodykit + Fiero V6 for SALE in NY ****

    Ferrari replica F355 Spyder full body kit + Fiero V6

    -> Excellent quality fiberglass panels, very thick and strong...All panels are STRAIGHT and in good shape...The kit was made by company out...
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    Rare and collectible 1965 Ferrari replica!!!

    For those of you looking for something "different" in a replica, here's the latest hand-build Ferrari for sale on eBay...

    According to the seller's description "....THIS CAR IS EXTREMELY RARE,MAY...
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    Donnington UK 2006 photos and comments!!

    Thank you to the UK folks for posting the photos....

    Note: the previous thread on Donnington is closed.. :(
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    What brand of wheels are these ??

    This B.A.D. replica is listed on eBay and I was wondering who makes those sharp looking wheels (rims) and what brand they are....The owner does not know but he thinks they are made in Belgium??
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    DJ Golden's fabulous F50 on eBay!

    I thought I'd NEVER see this replica on eBay....All the hard work, the expense and headaches to build it and now this??? :o :o

    I guess even the best of the best go through eBay at one point or...
  14. Importing regulations for a 22-year-old car??


    Does anyone in here happen to know anything about the US importing regulations of a 22 year old car from Canada?? More specifically, I'm looking into the possibility of buying a FIAT from...
  15. REAL F355 on eBay (again) for CHEAP - No drivetrain - No TITLE!

    This car has been on eBay a couple of times already and was sold once before for $27K....

    Read the ENTIRE description of the auction and it's most likely a test mule (one off build) based on a 348...
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    1988 FIERO GT + 1987 Fiero GT --> 4 sale

    Both cars are listed on eBay right now and the auctions are over this Sunday....So if you have any additional questions besides what's listed in the descriptions you better hurry up!!

    Summary :* ...
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    2003 Ferrari 360 Spider....on eBay

    Before you reach for your wallet look at the photos and read the description....This CA company never sells anything cheap...they want top $$ for their crap* :(

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    MADMIKE sold me a F355 Spider CK-3 kit

    Hello everyone

    This is my very first kit after looking around for a while now....It's an older CK-3 F355 Spider kit with separate rockers that Mike had sitting around his shop for a while...
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    John Watson selling on eBay!!

    Hey nothing wrong with that.....the man has to make a living somehow....

    I'm hoping maybe he'll start selling some replica F355 panels on eBay soon.... 8)
  20. EXtreme F355 body kit for MR2 on eBay - FREE Shipping!!!

    Hurry :D the reserve is $7K and only a couple of days left...

    I don't know the seller and I don't have an MR2 so I don't care....Some of you have shown interest in such a kit...Check it out!! It...
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    Nice 512TR on eBay

    Wow!!! * *looking around on eBay and baam I come across Jdorr's 512TR replica in progress up for sale....It seems that bidder "Fanstasycars" really wants this car...I asked jdorr for more photos but...
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    Cheap F-40 replica - eBay...have a look!!

    For those of you looking for a replica F-40 kit, take a look at the eBay link below....I don't know anything about the seller or the replica so please email the seller for more details....I'm just...
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    Ferrari 308 chassis for sale - the REAL deal

    I know that buiding a 308 is now passe and everyone is drooling over builiding a 360 kit but it might be worth it for someone....Take a look at this car on eBay for more info....Why build your own...
  24. Anyone with a 308/328 replica has a front lower spoiler ??

    I'm interested in getting my hands on a copy of a 308/328 front lower spoiler (one with the longer, extended lip spoiler, like the 308QV and the 288 GTO have) ....Look at the photos below for...
  25. Who has a fiberglass copy of a 308 or 328 dash for Fiero replacement??

    I haven't seen any "authentic-looking" 308/328 dash and center console panel copies around....I have seen a few sorry attempts to replace the stock Fiero ugly dash with a fake Ferrari version, but I...
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