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    Repairing Rubber Panels ?

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to find an epoxy that will work for repairing rubber parts, like the Fiero's stock bumper. I'm having a lot of trouble finding something that will adhere well enough. I may...
  2. Frame stretching without extending cables Question

    Just curious how far a frame can be stretched before you need to start extending cables and such. I know the radiator hose needs it no matter what, but what about the rest? Shifter, clutch,...
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    Design royalties

    Ok. I did a computer edit of some modifications to an existing car to change the look of it slightly... nothing too drastic... just changed the look of the hood intakes, front air dam, side air...
  4. Shaping tinted plastics for windows

    Any recommendations for how to heat-curve tinted plexiglass for custom curved door windows and headlight covers? I've heard about heating the plexiglass to a certain temperature (?) and pressing it...
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    oops... spoke too soon

    Sorry... I was parting out my fiero, but it turns out that I need it intact for a while longer.

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    D&R 25th Countach Kit

    I've seen way too many pictures of the D&R non stretched kit, and it's cool, but still not an accurate replica... of course. I can't seem to find any pictures of the stretched version. Is it just...
  7. Countach Roadster and chassis- unfinished

    This item is on ebay currently.* Starting price is $1200.00.* Lot's of accessory goodies were added that I found in the trunk while cleaning it out.* Take a look at the ebay page:...
  8. Since when does IFG make this kit???
    I was looking on ebay and saw this countach kit that is supposed to be from IFG. First off... It's full...
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    Countach body plans

    I'm looking for plans for the lamborghini countach. What I really need is the shape of the side of the car as it sloped down the window and down the door to the bottom of the car... Non-anniversary...
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    308 Windshield

    I know most of the people that have 308 kits just use stock fiero windshields. I wondered if anyone has found a place that sells the original... or close enough to the original... windshields. I...
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    How much Resin used for a full kit?

    Just curious if anyone out there would know an estimate for how many gallons of Resin one would use to lay three layers of Matting for an entire car. Just making plans in advance for ordering all...
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    Headlight Legality Issue

    I was wondering if anyone here knew the legality issue of the position of headlights. I've never seen cars with Headlights this low, but I've never heard of a Height requirement for them either. As...
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    Countach Kit - no longer available

    No longer for sale, thanks for looking!

  14. How far can you modify before its titled a "KIT"?

    My question is: How far can one modify a car before it's concidered a "kit car"?

    For instance, if I added a different spoiler, ground effects, some crazy hood and a modified facia, it's still...
  15. Steering/Suspension stretching question

    Has Anyone out there cut and stretched the existing steering/suspension assembly. My dad and I were talking about this today and it SEEMS possible to unbolt everything that is bolted to the car and...
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    Glass Measurements

    Just curious if someone wouldn't mind sharing some measurements from a Countach curve glassed windshield out of a STRETCHED chassis kit. (or a real Lamborghini) This is what I need:
    1. Top of...
  17. Re-Fabricating a Countach kit: Comments/advise Please

    This is the story. I bought an IFG 5000s. It sucked! was not symetrical and didn't have squared edges. Wheel wells are too rounded, front of door is set back to far, nose is too short, rear...
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