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    Diablo 6.0 GTR Parts For Sale

    I have a custom made GTR rear wing. It is all aluminum. 67" length and 14" wide. 800.00
    I also have the GTR front hood 450.00
    The GTR front bumper 600.00

    I am working on the rear bumper side...
  2. Ferrari kit for a 82-92 camaro or trans am

    I know I have seen a ferrari 308 or 328 kit for a camaro. I was telling a friend of mine who did not believe me so I set out to find it on the net and have had no luck. Does anyone on here know...
  3. Need help with the GT front turn signals

    I need help locating the Lambo diablo GT or GTR front turn signals. I know they are from another car manufacture because all the other lights are on the diablo but I have had no luck running this one...
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    360 Lower dash for 199.00

    I am not very ferrari savy so this might not be a deal but if I had a kit this would be great. Hope it helps someone. I realize they are in Sweden but they have a lot of parts both lambo and Ferrari....
  5. Financing for finished kit cars available.

    Hey guys,
    I did not know if you are aware of this but you can get financing for kit cars that are finished as well as muscle cars and hot rods.
    JJ BEST also offers...
  6. D&R 6.0 with Replica Chassis V-8 audi almost a complete kit $35K

    D&R Body with ASCC Replica chassis complete with air ride. Yokahoma racing tires. 350 Tune port with Audi 5 speed and cable shifter. High Horsepower axles. Kennedy adapter and clutch. All glass,...
  7. Diablo or Murci tube chassis with C4 suspension for sale 8000.00

    Chassisworks chassis complete with C4 suspension shockwave air ride in the front and QA1 in the rear.
    Dual aluminum fuel cells. The chassis is powdercoated...
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    Countach Limo for sale or trade

    I have a D&R 25th anniversary Limo for sale. It runs and drives v6 auto and needs paint and interior. Ther car is blocked out and ready for a final prime and then paint. I have the windshield and the...
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    I have molds to make diablo parts

    Just wanted to let some of the diablo guys know that I have various molds to make missing diablo parts. I sell lots of mirrors ,fins, hoods, Spoilers, and Interior windshield post pieces. If I don't...
  10. Where is the shipping thread for members cars? Need help from OK to CA

    I saw a thread on here a while back about special rates to members and I need to get a rolling chassis from OK to CA. I need to get the infor for a pending sale.
  11. Any interest in 328 body parts or 355 dash and door panels

    I am fairly new to this forum I belong to the kitcentral forum. Many of you know me here. I have been researching the the other kits. F brand kits and was wondering if there is any interest in 328...
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