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  1. Still looking for a Diablo! Does anyone know these cars??

    Well the yellow diablo in Tennessee sold to someone in Iowa this weekend so I'm out on that deal, but I have found 2 others if I can get the owners to deal. Does anyone know of these 2 Diablos, one...
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    WTT for Diablo

    Hey guys, it's been awhile but I posted this when I first became a member here and have still been searching with no luck. I want to trade part of my collection for a done Diablo. I may trade several...
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    What is this sound (Diablo v-12)?

    Hello guys, I have a curious question, I have looked a several real diablo's and have noticed that when first starting them that there is a motor whining noise before the motor actually fires???? Is...
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    Italian Gathering in Dublin today!

    Well I wonder if anyone took their cars out today? I planned on attending this for the past year, a couple friends and myself had plans to ride our bikes over and make a day outing out of it. Well go...
  5. Diablo replica in ebay! Read if your interested in it

    I ran across this Diablo replica in Virginia on ebay that strangely enough looks exactly like the one I was looking at the beginning of this year that Dan Todd from Alabama owned. Dan seemed to be...
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    Mr. Bean crashes McLaren F1!

    What the heck makes these filthy rich stars think they are drivers just because they can afford the cars??? Usually it's us poor guys that can drive and know how to handle the cars but can't afford...
  7. WTB: Clear parking light covers for 89 anniversary countach

    Does anyone have any or know where I can get the parking light covers for my anniversary countach. They are the clear covers with the white horizontal lines on them???
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    2.8 Temperature

    Hello all, I have a quick question.....what is the average temperature that your 2.8 automatic fiero motor runs at going down the highway? My fan is set to run all the time, in town or traffic it...
  9. 25th anniversary countach tire info. plaque

    Hey guys, I just got my anniversary countach painted and purchased a tire info plaque for it, problem is I can't find a pic of a real one for the correct location of the plate. I believe it's on the...
  10. Who on here is from Ohio or close vicinity to Dayton Ohio?

    If so would anyone be interested in bringing their cars out on some upcoming weekend and have a little get together to chat and take the cars for a local drive. I know at least one of the members is...
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    Countach fixed window ideas

    It's getting hot here in Ohio and this is the first year I have owned my 25th anniversary car, my question is that it has no a/c and the door windows are fixed with 1 piece real glass sectioned off...
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    General Lee for Diablo (advice??)

    Hey guys, I have been chatting back and forth with Dan in Alabama on his IFG Phantom Diablo replica, I would like your opinions on wether this car would be something you would trade a 69 R/T General...
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    Car collection for Diablo replica

    Wow, I'm really suprised no one has a Diablo replica they want to trade. Has anyone went and seen the white Diablo replica that was in Merriville Alabama that was on ebay 2 weeks ago? That gentleman...
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