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    WOW.. You did an amazing job on this...

    WOW.. You did an amazing job on this restoration.. The car looks fantastic and reminds me of the 308 I had with the pillars and roof painted black.. I love that look and you don't see that paint...
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    I think you have done excellent work on your car...

    I think you have done excellent work on your car so far and I can't wait to see the project come together..I can't help stare at that Vette in the Transformers movies
  3. Here is a crappy video of my car at the track.. ...

    Here is a crappy video of my car at the track..
  4. I wouldn't say that..For example, My Ferrari...

    I wouldn't say that..For example, My Ferrari replica zips zero to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and hits the 1/4 mile in 11.3 seconds.. I honestly smoke 500 rwhp Mustangs all day long.. I my smoke my buddies...
  5. Great video.. Amazing is right..

    Great video.. Amazing is right..
  6. Sweet stang.. It looks like your car is well...

    Sweet stang.. It looks like your car is well built and very clean.. I have owned several Mustang GT's over the years and hang out with a big group of Stangbangers with turbo and blower modded...
  7. Great deal on a MR2 spider based 360 in the US..

    What UK based company's kit is this? It looks like a sweet deal since the MR2 is included and it's a no reserve auction with a very low starting bid..
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    Real 355 for $18,000 ??

    Hmm.. Sure looks real, wonder if the price is?

    Worth a look anyway..
  9. Thread: Porsche 918

    by Mr Ferrari

    Porsche 918

    Is anyone familar with this car yet? It's a electric hybrid and it looks like possibly a good fit for the Mr2 spider or Boxter.. ...
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    Nice 93 Ferrari 512 TR $27,000

    Not sure if the listing price is correct or not, but look at this..

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    Sweet deals on a few Ferraris..

    I thought I would share some of the good deals I found durring the off season..

    This is a nice looking 355..
    The Good - Under $43,000 for a nice Ferrari 355 Berlinetta with only 16k miles..The...
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    Greatest local news special ever..

    This was on the news last night.. You guys have to watch this.. It will bring tear and a smile..
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    Interesting card trick..

    I better put the text with it to make it more mysterious.. ;D


    Now this is real strange- if he does not guess...
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    The "FAIL" thread...

    The internet is full of fail.. Lets see some :)
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    OEM Ferrari 355 shift gate

    I have bought stuff on ebay from this seller and he has some interesting items up sometimes.. This cought my eye..

    You could probably get this item for a decent price.. I don't know if it will...
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    Should I chop the roof??

    I see a lot of Fieros with chopped roofs lately and they look realy sweet.. It has me thinking..

    A guy on PFF did the photochop for me and I asked to see if he could lay the windshield back to...
  17. Pictures of my car at the "Dells Run" Fiero car show..

    A few pictures my Aldino at the Dells..

    1st one is in the driveway getting ready to go..
    In the lot at the hotel.....
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    Crazy LP640 on Ebay

    What is this?? What is it based on?? Watch the videos and burnout for a good laugh :D
  19. You have to watch this new Super Replicas video..

    Now this is another interesting SR video... Looks like they found a investor/partner (sucker) of some sort.. And dont forget that a Super replica car is a investment will increase in value guys.....
  20. The worlds ultimate F40 replica is for sale.. The Silhouette..

    The F40 clone dreams are made of is for sale for what translates to $68,000 US.. This is the car thats in New Zealand and has the Lexus V8..

    Edit: This is not the Twin Turbo F40"LM" Silhouette...
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    Ferrari 308 replica with Cadillac V8. SOLD

    The car was owned by two fellow forum members prior to my buying it and being that Bill (aa2uk) owned the car prior to me and had the most recent work done you know the car was done right..

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    MunkyKings DNA Build progress

    Here we go.. Due to terrible weather conditions for the past several months the first DNA kit in the US has had a slow start. But since the weather has changed for the better Munky and I were able to...
  23. My V8 308 at a Mustang car show and pig roast.

    There was a ton of interest in the car as usual..

    Many didn't know it was a kitcar car even after looking the whole car and engine over.. And these guys are real "Car" experts.. :D
    Quote from...
  24. Dodge Neon Srt-4 vs Ferrari F430.. Mexican street races

    You guys wouldnt expect this from a neon.. ;D The red Srt4 has the stock turbo and bolt-ons.. The Orange one has a the Mopar stage 3 setup.. Just a $3,000 upgrade to be able to outrun F430's :o

  25. Lots of nice Koenig and other cool car pictures..

    This thread on this foriegn website has a ton of cool pictures of vintage and modern exotic cars with koenig and other unusual body kits.. There are pictures on all 16 pages of the thread..
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